The meeting will take place in Cortona (Italy) at “Il Palazzone”.

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An important information.

Due to the Summer timetable, people arriving by train at the Cortona-Camucia Station in the afternoon of Sunday 16 will find only two buses to Cortona: at 17.48 and 19.11.

For people arriving at the Terontola Station, buses for Cortona will leave at 17:37 and 19:00.

Another chance is to catch a taxi: here are their cell-phones
Adreani Enzo 335 8196313
Belleri Enzo 335 3353394
Caleri Albino 368 7386544
Iacomi Roberto 349 0828093
Pesci Giorgio 360 957648
Prvulovic Dejan 348 4023501
Sembolini Gian Enrico 338 5331155
Violi Simone 366 3630896 and 347 5991692

We point out that Mr. Violi, and probably other taxi drivers, are waiting for passengers outside the Camucia Station in the afternoon of June 16.

If you decide for a taxi, when you are approaching Camucia, please, book your taxi and let the taxi-driver know the time of your arrival.